Bellingham-Whatcom County Commission on Sexual & Domestic Violence


“We need to teach youth how to have healthy relationships and break the cycle.”


Policies & Protocols

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Domestic Violence in the workplace

Updated March 2019

Policy and procedure template for encounters with domestic violence in the workplace. You may cut and paste as needed to create a policy and procedure to fit your work place’s unique needs.

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Plan to DISARM Domestic violence DEFENDANTS

Published Jan 2007

This best practice plan provide methods for disarming domestic violence defendants in the following sectors: 911 dispatch, law enforcement, victim advocates, probation, prosecution, defense attorneys, judges, and DV treatment providers.

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Domestic Violence, Children, & Child Maltreatment

Published April 2005

This protocol is intended to provide guidance and procedural direction for law enforcement agencies, courts, Child Protective Services (CPS) workers, and service providers when responding to domestic violence in relationships where there are children, and the children may subject to maltreatment.


Resource & Training Guides

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Responding to Domestic Violence: Faith Communities Toolkit

A faith community is one of the few places where you may have the abuser, survivor, and their children all in the same place, hearing the same message, and connecting to the same belief system. This toolkit supplies faith leaders with resources and best practices for supporting survivors and holding perpetrators accountable with their spiritual practice.

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Children Exposed to Domestic Violence 101: Training Manual

This “Train the Trainers” manual provides instruction on how to identify domestic violence, build understanding and empathy for survivors, support survivors and their children, understand the impact of DV on parenting, and cultivate resiliency in children.

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Domestic Violence & Dating: Info & Resource Handbook (3rd Ed.)

The sections of this handbook describe and discuss the characteristics of an abusive relationship, steps to intervention and the legal system. They are designed to provide the facts, the common warning signs of abuse and appropriate methods of intervention.